Worth Repeating Blowout

Former smokers are inherent mathematicians. If you were a pack-a-day girl like me, the price of all goods is in relation to whatever the going rate of a box of Parliaments Lights currently is…times seven. It is a wonderful way to justify frivolous spending so if you never smoked, grab a pack quick and then go shopping.

Last week at the much publicized Worth Repeating clearance bonanza I spent approximately 6 days worth of cigarettes and for that price I got four new little black dresses, a Juicy Couture sweat suit (new with tags), a BCBG sundress and an Asian inspired orange dress that was so compelling I had to bring it home with me. Below is a sampling of my booty (and the clothing)

My new favorite LBD. I think SJP wore this to an award ceremony long enough ago for it to no longer instantly mark me as a SATC drone to wear it in public now. (though referring to she and the program by abbreviation sadly neutralizes this fact considerably)

Mother calls this dress "Shanghai Hooker." I wonder where I got my sense of humor...

BGBG- This dress was worth the price of admission (of which there was not actually one) You see- math math math

This tunic might be my favorite from the sale; it is an Eileen Fischer for Nieman Marcus. It may look as though I am standing on a sinking ship but it actually has a gorgeous asymmetrical neckline that is not really flattering- but is quite interesting.

Betsy and Cathleen, the heart and soul of Worth Repeating. Thanks for the sale ladies.


  1. Great stuff - we were all about shoes that day. Sorry I missed you!

  2. The LBD is lovely, but they all look good on you.
    The last pic reminds me of a modern day Audrey..

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  4. Thanks for your comments on my blog. And I love the phrase "on the fence items"! I've never heard it before so I'm not sure what it means. But it sure sounds like a good thing!


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